NTD America Now on Cable

Cable Stations

New York and Southern Connecticut

WVVH 18.5         (24/7)

FiOS 14                (Daily from 6pm to 7pm)

Optimum 78         (Daily from 6pm to 7pm)

WVVH 18.1         (Daily from 6pm to 7pm)


Comcast 389         (24/7)

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Wock 13.3            (24/7)

Philadelphia and Atlantic City

WSJT 15.4           (24/7)

WSJT 15.1           (Daily news updates at 6pm and 11pm)

Washington DC

WWTD 49.4        (24/7)

Everywhere Verizon and Frontier Fios Are Available*

Channel 158

Check availability in your area

* Our Broadcast Times for Verizon and Frontier Fios
Monday-Thursday     10am-10pm (EDT), 9am-9pm (CDT), 7am-7pm (PDT)
Friday                         10am-8pm (EDT), 9am-7pm (CDT), 7am-5pm (PDT)
Saturday-Sunday       8am-1pm (EDT), 7am-12pm (CDT), 5am-10am (PDT)