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Industry standard for zinc powder content of zinc rich epoxy primer
137 times
Zinc rich epoxy primer is a common paint used in industrial, it is two component paint, including paint formulation and curing agent. Zinc powder play a important role for the excellent performance of epoxy zinc rich primer. So , How much is it appropriate for the amount of zinc, and what are the different effects of different zinc content?

The zinc content of epoxy zinc rich primer is different, according to the demand of the construction to make corresponding adjustment, different zinc content, different degrees of corrosion proof effect. The higher content, the more powerful of corrosion resistance, the lower the content, the corrosion performance is relatively poor. Following the international industrial standard, the zinc content of zinc rich epoxy primer, at least 60%.

Except the demand for zinc content, the thickness of the film is also very important. According to ISO12944-2007, the thickness of dry film is 60μm as the anticorrosive primer, and 25μm as the shop primer.

The paint will make bad smell of indoor environment, in order to let the indoor air quality as soon as possible to return to the best, please make air pass through 1~2 times per day, every time 10~20 minutes of ventilation frequency to get more and more fresh air.
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yy6029影院官网 yy6029影院官网 ,羞羞影院免费体验30分 羞羞影院免费体验30分
yy6029影院官网 yy6029影院官网 ,羞羞影院免费体验30分 羞羞影院免费体验30分 How to coating the floor paint for the garage - the design and construction
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